Broken Brained

One seizure at a time.

Christmas cheer December 25, 2009

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Look, the seizures are better. Waaay better. Like can’t avoid the fact that this is working better. They last maybe half as long as they used to and I don’t have even a quarter as many as I used to.

Its amazing.

The diet sucks. Truly. Today was Christmas and I did not have any cookies. I did not have any ice cream. I had no stuffing. I had no gravy. I had some onion dip stuff, but that was a mistake. I had no blueberry cobbler. I had no lasagna. I had no eggplant dish. I had no tangerines. I wiped the tomato sauce off of my sausage.

Which was a bit sucky.

But none of it is worth having seizures.  Life is sweet. Merry Christmas.



6 Responses to “Christmas cheer”

  1. The Bob Says:

    Belated Cheers!

  2. michelle Says:

    i’m glad they are getting a little easier. if it makes you feel any better, i ate all that stuff and it made me sick. it was me, mr. imodium, dr. pepto and the lovely ms. ginger ale for the rest of christmas eve. i couldn’t even have my aunt’s famous flan cause it would not stay still and it kept making me gag.


  3. Neelesh Says:

    Damn i had no idea this was all happening…i need to be better about staying in touch.

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